Easy access to department procedures and documents

PrimarySearch provides an easy-to-use software for first responders to view important procedures in the field.

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Let's simplify field work

When field work gets disorganized, complications can arise. PrimarySearch allows your staff to access any documents they need on personal or department devices. No matter what device they're on, files will appear in the same place, so they can always count on a uniform look. And when documents change, administrators can replace them online, and the app will update itself.

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You have full control over who can access your files, which aren't publically uploaded.

You're In Control

Update files*, manage users, and view statistics 24/7 using our online dashboard.


Once the app is setup, it can be used whenever- regardless of internet connection.


From integration to an idea for a new feature, we're here to help.

* Many departments have a combination of both standalone files (checklists, etc.) and full protocols (many pages, grouped together). When a standalone file changes, you can update it online within a few seconds by simply uploading the new version. But when a full protocol changes, simply send it to us, and we'll handle the importing and indexing.

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